02 July 2013

Seoul Day 4. Namsan Tower, Lotte World, and MET EUNHYUK.


When we're in Seoul, we stayed at Namsan Guest House which is very close to Namsan Tower. So,  anyone who wants to visit Namsan Tower by walk, must be passed our guest house. Tee hee.

So, we started our day to Namsan Tower. Aaaand we had to pass a through uphill street to get there. Totally exhausted. EX-HAUS-TED.


To get to Namsan Tower, we can take a bus or a cable car. I picked a cable car and the ticket price is 8,000 won. And if you want to go to the Observatory or/and Teddy Bear Museum, the ticket is different, you must buy another ticket. I bought Observatory + Teddy Bear Museum package ticket, it's worth for 14,000 won/person.


Next stop was, Lotte World! The ticket prices around 40,000 won or Rp 369,356. But... not as imagined... Lotte World is kinda... Umm... I'm not really into it... So... Not recommended for some people like me, hoho. (Direction to Lotte World: take subway line 2 and get off at Jamsil Station exit 4).

Oh yes, why I wrote 'unforgettable Wednesday'? Why? I SHOOK HANDS WITH LEEHYUKJAE. *nosebleed*
On Tuesday night, I saw a fan tweeted 'Hyukjae will come to Tous Les Jours on 130508 evening'. And I had a feeling like 'OMG I MUST GO THERE NO MATTER WHAT'. And walaaaa, I was already at Tous Les Jours on 16.00 KST. :3

From Jamsil (Lotte World), take subway line 2 and go to Guro Digital Complex Station exit 2 and you'll find a bus station. Take a bus No. 5616, from Guro Digital Complex (-> Korea Industrial Complex Corporation. E Mart -> Digital Industrial Complex 1 ->) get off at Manmin Jungang Church and cross the street. Walk to your left and keep straight. Tous Les Jours is on your right.

When I was there, there's a lot... a lot... a lot of fangirls standing, taking pictures, waiting... I just found out, if you want to get into TLJ and met Eunhyuk, you must take a queue number. And I got no 272... At that time, people who have a queue number 50s are allowed to enter TLJ. 50 to 272? *cries*


Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... till 22.00 KST. From 16.00 KST till 22.00 KST. Fangirling for life! Lol. Finally... FINALLY... I met Eunyhyuk, talked face to face, and SHOOK HANDS. ashjdhdudhwuhdwhduwhajajsajakdlas

with Eunhyuk's mom.