16 June 2013

Seoul Day 3. Hello Kitty Cafe Edition :p

130507. Pinky Tuesday. Meow!

These are some pics from my trip to Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. :D

Dakota & Elle Fanning was here!

Seoul Day 3. Hello Kitty Cafe, HaHa & Gary's, and YG Entertainment!

130507. Hello Tuesday!

On day 3, we went to Hongdae. A lot of cafes and young people there. And we went to the Hello Kitty Cafe! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Pink... Pink everywhereeeee...

Ok. Here's some direction to go to Hello Kitty Cafe. I already forgot a lil bit (it's been a month XD), but I'll try my best. I take a subway to Hongik University line 2 and get off at exit 9 (on the Internet, the direction told  us to get off on exit 5 but they're wrong :|, I got lost when I go to exit 5).


From exit 9, just walk until you see KFC on your left (if I'm not wrong), Etude, and dunkin donuts and then turn right. You'll see a noodle restaurant. After that just walk straight and... I kinda forgot... Mmmm... until you see a korean restaurant Bar and turn left. Walk straight until you find the Trick Eye Museum.


And after that... Just search 'HO bar' and turn left. Ta-daaaa! The Hello Kitty Cafe is on your left! (I'm sorry if my explanation isn't clear, it's already a month, so I kinda forgot some things x__x)


After enjoying the Hello Kitty's cake, hotdog, waffle, iced chocolate, and buy some merchandises, we went to HaHa's (Running Man) restaurant! It's easy to find and not that far from Hello Kitty Cafe. But, too bad, the restaurant still close and will be open at 17.00 KST.

You'll see this building near HaHa's restaurant.


We ate Jjajangmyeon!


If I already went to SM, YG, and Cube, now we trip to YG Entertainment, yeay! The place is not like SM YG and Cube. It's more quite... Like... Nobody's there... XD

Direction: Take subway line 2 to Hapjeong Station and exit 8. Just walk straight and on the second junction after a gas station turn right. Go down the street and you'll see a junction again and turn left. You can see a shop like GS25 (I forgot the name) and you already near YG Building. YG Building is not hard to find because the building is unique!


And we went to Leessang's (Gary 'Running Man' and Gil) Restaurant! By subway, take line 2 and get off at Konkuk University Station Exit 1. Follow the stairs, down and turn right and turn right again after Cafe Bene. Just go straight and at the first junction, turn right again.


And it's dinner already. We decided to have dinner at Yesung's Cafe, Mouse Rabbit. :D