20 October 2013

CNBlue 'Blue Moon World Tour' Live in Jakarta!

October 19th 2013, Saturdate with four handsome boys.
At Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta.

After being canceled in 2011, CNBlue finally came to Jakarta! Yippie!
And... It's one of a DAEBAK concerts in 2013! (Fancam here and here!)

I remember, the first time I knew CNBlue is when I saw Yonghwa in 'You Are Beautiful' drama. And then, I watched 'Heartstrings' (Yonghwa and Minhyuk). Plus, 'We Got Married' Goguma Couple, Yonghwa and Seohyun from Girls' Generation.

Semenjak itu, gue jadi browsing tentang CNBlue terus dengerin lagu-lagunya. And fell in love with Jungshin at the first sight :3 But after I watched 'A Gentleman's Dignity', Jonghyun stole my heart. XD

Back to Blue Moon concert in Jakarta. Lucky me, sehari sebelum konser, I had the opportunity to meet CNBlue at the press conference. Aaaand in my opinion, CNBlue IS SO HANDSOME IN REAL LIFE. Especially Jungshin and Yonghwa. OMG. And they were in front of me!!! But too bad I can't take any photo because camera or smartphone is not allowed.

Jonghyun didn't talk much at the press conference. But he was smiling all the time, and said "Tunggu di konser kami saja" in Bahasa which means "Just see in our concert tomorrow". KYAAAA

(FNC Entertainment)
(FNC Entertainemnt)

Why I said CNBlue concert is one of the best concerts in 2013? Because their voices, performances, fan service, sound, lighting, stage were PERFECT.

Sweety pie Minhyuk gone crazy with his drum, smiley face Jonghyun making love with his guitar, the boy next door Jungshin was up in space with his bass, and flower boy Yonghwa makes my heart melt with his sweaty face and messy hair and of course his voice.

Rock n Roll music with handsome faces. No dance, no lip sync. Just playing the music.

And not like others kpop idols who came to Jakarta before, CNBlue speaks in Bahasa and English in the whole concert. No translator! Daebak! Jarang-jarang kpop idol begini brooooo...


So... Whos's next? 2NE1? EXO? :p